Together We Are Better

by Pat Bradbury

I’ve learned a long time ago that no one is an expert at everything.  When we join forces with others, it allows us to do so much more than we could ever do on our own.  That’s why we’re a church, a body of believers working together; we don’t exist for ourselves but for others. Just as Christ came to lay his life down and serve others, we’re to do the same. No matter how good you are at something or how motivated you are to succeed, working with others as a team multiplies what you can achieve and those you can help.

Sometimes you might think with so many needs around you, whatever you do won’t make a difference.  But God never asks us to do it all ourselves; there’s power in everyone doing their part.  Recently someone in church reminded us, “Many hands make the work lighter”.  We’re only responsible to do our part.  As we are obedient to do that, God can add his help and together we can make a huge difference.

I’ve often seen this concept in practice right here at our church.  Even though we’re small, we’ve been able to give generously to several different local ministries and organizations: First Choice Pregnancy Center, Real Life Ministry to Young Girls, Destiny Point women’s Restoration Home and Helping Hands Gospel Missions.  Currently we are collecting hygiene supplies to help the homeless in our community.  A bottle of shampoo or a toothbrush may not seem like much to us, but to someone without the basics like these, it means a lot.  This month we will also be sewing pillowcase dresses to send to Kenya and Haiti.  An inexpensive pillowcase and a simple act of kindness can brighten a little girl’s life across the world!

I’m sure we’ll have even more opportunities to work together, reach out and share God’s love.  If any of you have any ideas of things you’d like to see us do or get involved in, please let me know.  I value input and ideas from all of you!  If we all pool together with our talents and efforts, we will accomplish what God has called us to do—be a blessing to those around us.

Great Is God’s Faithfulness

By Pat Bradbury

Have you ever kept a journal?  As a child, I wrote in a diary for a while.  What fun it was when I discovered it years later and read what my life and thoughts were as a youth!

For many years since coming to the Lord, I have written in a journal and I’m not sure which is better—the catharsis I get by writing down my thoughts and prayer needs, or the joy I feel reading them later on to see God’s faithfulness and answers to prayer!  It’s comforting to know, not only can I pray to God with words, but I can write to him as well, and share my deepest thoughts—hurts, disappointments, prayer requests, plans and joys.

Hebrews 4:15 tells us that Jesus was “touched with the feelings of our infirmities”.  Even though he is the perfect Son of God and 100% divine, he was 100% human too and not only knows what we’re going through, but feels our pain and joys as well.
If you have never kept a journal, try it and see how helpful to your spiritual life it can be.  You will receive encouragement in trying times as well as a reminder of God’s faithfulness.