First Baptist Church of Wisconsin Rapids Podcast

This is the official podcast for the preaching and teaching ministry at First Baptist Church in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Listen on the go using your smart phone by subscribing to our show via Apple or Google Podcasts or Spotify, or listen via your web browser. The church’s podcast is a great way to review past sermons, catch up if you miss a week, or share messages with family and friends.

Other Podcasts We Recommend

Below you’ll find podcasts from like-minded ministries which we think will prove edifying to the churchman. Listing a podcast here is not a blanket endorsement of every teaching they may espouse, and discernment is always necessary, but it does mean that we consider them high-quality resources that will nurture and strengthen a Christian’s faith and understanding of the grace of God, and spur them on to love and good works. 

Modern Marrow Men

Modern Marrow Men is a podcast ministry of Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary in Owensboro, KY, hosted by Pastor Tom Hicks and John Divito. The aim of the podcast is to help Christians understand the Reformation’s law/gospel distinction, so they can understand, teach, and live the Christian life to the greatest effect.